Why should oil be avoided when wearing semi-permanent eyelash extensions?
Oil breaks down the adhesive bond used to attach a semi-permanent lash to a natural lash, this means that any contact with oil will weaken the glue used and force the lashes off.

Why do I need to clean my lashes?
When wearing semi-permanent eyelash extensions cleaning the lashes is the most important part of aftercare – our eyelashes protect our eyes by catching Oil / dust and debris throughout the day, if left uncleaned these can build up and cause weight on the lashes leading to damage, this build up can also lead to eye infections.

Why can’t I use regular mascara on my eyelash extensions?
Mascara is used to lengthen and darken Natural lashes, when placed onto eyelash extensions the mascara will dry and cause the semi-permanent lashes to clump together. This clumping will weigh down on the lash extensions which may lead to damage to the natural lashes.

Once regular mascara has been applied to eyelash extensions it is extremely difficult to remove, this means that lashes with Mascara on them cannot be refilled and must be removed.

Why should I use a specific makeup remover on my eyelash extensions?
Most make-up removers contain oil – oil breaks down the glue used in semi-permanent eyelash extensions and so a water based makeup remover should be used.